Corporate Information as of March 2007.
Jimmy Brake and Linda Lee Mar 24, 2007

Empower companies to perform more efficiently by letting DW Alliance handle their website and database application needs so they can focus completely in their field of expertise.

Location and Language:
Our present clients are primarily based in the U.S. with offices around the world. Our primary language is English but we support clients also in Spanish. Our systems are compatible with most of the world's languages.

Qualifications and Skills:
Combined the executive team has over 35 years of programming, system integration, database, Internet, system design and project management experience.

Our servers are co-located at ServePath Inc., a state-of-the-art facility in downtown San Francisco, California. This facility has multiple redundant network and power systems. The physical and network security has multiple on-site, off-site, personnel and security systems.

Our Linux server farm is maintained at a 300% plus over capacity and with 100% hot failover for both network and servers. 90% of the servers/services are 100% auto-failover. The remaining 10% are manually failed over. All data base servers are replaced annually in the spring, these updates incur no downtime.

Our aggressive policies for updating hardware and software as well as using an extremely reliable co-location service provided by ServePath allows us to have a plus 99.999% uptime.

Security is extremely important to our clients and to us. Our security policy is to only allow access to data by individuals or processes that are allowed that access. This policy means that all applications have access controls built in from the beginning. Applications are further protected by our firewall and encryption network layer.

Customization Available to Clients:
Our unique offering of the template layer and user-aware services establishes DW Alliance as the owner of the most intelligent and customizable layout and editing technology of any company in the market.

Our policy towards managed growth allows our clients to get direct access to our software engineers so that the functionality they need is provided exactly to their specifications, barring the limits of technology itself.

Technology and Services:

The core of our system is our CRM, this powerful contact management system allows our clients to input, organize and search a virtually unlimited number of clients, vendors and competitors. This powerful CRM is integrated into our e-commerce, subscription management, automated-billing, banner, email, email archiving, wifi/network access, content management/portal, classifieds, calendar, e-commerce, dvd-rental, online directory(yellow pages), event/convention registration and management, membership management modules. These same applications are often integrated into external API's that allow our clients to upgrade their systems quickly and economically and or integrate into other vendor systems.


We often make use of cutting-edge technology, this tendency means at times we have to offer simpler versions of our tools so that programs and devices with limited capabilities or known glitches still function as expected. Many of our services have versions specifically built for cell phones and/or older browsers.

What our Clients are Doing With Our Solutions Now:

Customer Relationship Manager The CRM centralizes the records and is the hub of administration for most of our other modules. Our clients enter companies and add the companies employees. As those employees move to different companies or go to work as consultants for multiple companies those relationships can be accurately tracked. Company-to-company relationships can be also be tracked. This multi-user system accurately tracks each view and update of the records. Clients further categorize their contacts and companies by using our demographics tool which makes it easy then to create email, mailing, or call lists for all companies and contacts that meet the searchable demographic criteria.
Who uses it
* Schools
* Media conglomerate
* Associations
* Meeting and event planning agents
* Magazines / newspaper

Automated Reoccurring Billing Manager Our clients use this module to bill for monthly subscriptions. This module is integrated into multiple applications to automatically bill for usage as well as the monthly fees. Our clients use the usage type of billing to bill for things such as viewing archived articles, directory listings, banner distribution, email usage, email archiving and many other things.
Who uses it
* Magazines, newspapers and newsletters
* Media conglomerate
* Email hosting companies
* Web application company

Subscription Management We have multiple clients using our subscription management system to help improve renewal rates and accurately temporarily or permanently stop delivery to vacationing, canceled and/or delinquent accounts. This same subscription management tool is used to control access to our other modules such as a paid newsletter or online ezine. Combined with the ecommerce module and CRM, this powerful tool has the ability to offer a virtually hands-free subscription service, allowing our media partners to focus on content and not logistics of ecommerce or contact management. A subscriber can not only receive their purchased enewsletter, but a log in tool provides them the added ability to view previous issues. Using this module along with a demographics tool enables our clients to quickly print out mailing labels.
Who uses it
* Legal research firms
* Magazine firms
* Newsletter companies with niche markets
* Newspapers
* Hosted email providers
* Private schools

Content Management We have multiple clients using this service to very easily post content to their websites, which is then automatically added to their search tools, RSS feeds, javascript feeds, mobile version and XML site indexes used by advanced search spiders such as Google. The integrated HTML editor and image upload tool allows our clients to post professional articles that rival the beauty and sophistication of high-gloss print magazines. Extended features allow end-users to send an article to a friend, post comments, and schedule an article to post in the future. Administrators can choose to moderate comments or not. For clients also using our subscription management and bulk email services, articles can be grouped and then pushed into a PDF that can be attached to the e-blast. Content for membership groups or company employees can be password protected. Flexible template technology provides many opportunities for clients to design a unique site that is not compromised by difficult posting tools. Clients have sites that range from a CNN type of site to a series of understated blogs. Furthermore, celebrity writers who provide content have the ability to add a personal profile of their latest works along with their photo.
Who uses it
* Magazine firms
* Daily newpapers
* Bloggers
* ezines
* Instructors
* Newsletter companies with niche markets
* Business owners of retail shops
* Students
* Large media conglomerate
* School administrators

Banner Manager Most of our clients use our robust banner management system that tracks views and clicks. The date-aware functionality allows banners to be pre-posted and to automatically turn off at a pre-determined date. Used with the CRM and its ability to upload files, clients can easily organize their banner clients with their banners for future reference.
Who uses it
* Magazine firms
* Newspapers
* Local community site
* ISP (for their portal)

Bulk Emailing This service is used by most of our clients to update and advertise to their clients, subscribers, members and prospects. Since this system is integrated with CRM, calendar, billing, subscription, e-commerce, directory and other modules, extremely personalized messages can be created dynamically for each client. Advanced features include tracking of pre-posting, open rates, bounces, click-through rates, and unsubscribed. Additionally one can download a csv file containing the emails of those who clicked, and the time they clicked for each file within an email. Our protocol to maintain the integrity of our servers is consistent and thorough, which means a very high percentage of the emails that get sent through our servers reach their intended recipient. Having provided this service for many years, our email blasting servers enjoy an excellent status with email servers throughout the world.
Who uses it
* Educational class providers
* Media companies
* Memberships and associations
* E-commerce businesses

Convention Registration and Management This module helps one client manage the world's largest legal event and many more smaller events for legal, technology and media professions. This tool allows our clients to create, promote, monitor and adjust the logistics of an event. The functionality includes all the features needed to run an event and more advanced features such as membership renewal, joining sub-groups, bar-code printing and scanning, updating directory information, bulk-emailing, event reminders, integration into external database systems, a very robust administrator interface for faxed/mailed-in registrations, integration with the worlds biggest hotel and resort reservation system(Passkey) and more. Also with the ability to tie into as400 systems via API, this module has the ability to transfer attendee data in both directions with very large systems managing government-run membership records.
Who uses it
* Educational class providers
* Schools
* Memberships and associations
* Media conglomerate

Online Directory This module is often used by newspapers/magazines to provide a directory services. Our associations use this module to promote their members businesses and/or specializations. Our clients that maintain the directory for paying subscribers are able to charge end users for access to the directory by using our subscription management system. Our bulk email system can send out a mass update request to all companies/contacts that have a directory entry and allow those companies listed in the directory to update all or part of their information. This feature greatly simplifies an often tedious and expensive process. Our flexible multi-level category layout tool allows for a very detailed and accurate placement of companies. If integrated with our e-commerce and membership management modules the system can charge members for placing themselves in more than the default number of categories.
Who uses it
* BBB, legal and media associations
* Newspapers and magazines

DVD Rental Manager This module is integrated with our content management system so that new dvd's can be advertised and reserved from your website. This is a multi-store module so you are able to allow your clients to rent at one store and return dvd's at another store. The system tracks complaints, lost or damaged DVD's and has facilities to bulk-load many new DVD's at once. The system can also be used with our bar code printing and scanning system to speed checkout and returns. The cashier interface is streamlined for speed and accuracy. Since this is a web-based system, owners and managers can monitor real-time sales, returns and cashier actions. The system also allows for selling items such as popcorn, soda or the sale of old DVD's. The cashier bar code system is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.
Who Uses It
* Internet cafe

Network and Wifi Network Management This module is used by some of our clients to control access to the Internet. This tool can track when the Internet was accessed and the amount of data transfered. Other clients use this tool in conjunction with our e-commerce module to manage Internet Cafes. This is a multi-store/multi-site module so end users are able to pre-purchase time and use at any location or on the wifi network if it is configured. Managers and owners are able to monitor network usage, real time sales and are able to control the bandwidth provided to each client. Our clients presently use this tool to provide wide area Wifi access(a town or city) and or in-store Wifi access. This module is also able to sell things such as printing, burning photo CDs, international phone calls etc.
NOTE: This module requires the purchase of external equipment. Also available on the hardware is the ability to monitor which sites each user accesses. Advanced webpage, image and DNS caching are also available on the hardware. These features maximize satellite and other connections where bandwidth optimization are important.
Who uses it/Where is it used
* Internet Cafes
* Wifi ISP's (tourist areas)
* Hotels/Resorts
* Offices

Email, Our clients use our email systems because of the very high uptime. Our servers are able to provide feature completeness. The uptime speaks for itself. Email is required to never fail and we strive to make sure it does not. Our feature completeness means we have the basics such as POP3 and webmail but also the more advanced features such as IMAP, auth SMTP, server-side email filtering, whitelists, auto-responders, email forwarding, email alias, list serves and forward only accounts.
Who uses it
* Financial and Manufacturing
* Many other types of businesses

Email Archiving, Our clients that use email archiving are typically trying to stay in compliance for the laws and regulations concerning the financial and insurance industries. Other clients that use the service are making sure email never gets lost and or are using the email archiving with our CRM solution which allows all email that has been sent to and received from a client to be viewable from within the end users CRM profile, right beside the call logs, billing history, service usage and other user specific data available in the CRM. The simple combination of the CRM and the email archiving creates a powerful support system that is very intuitive to use for both support teams and end users.
Who uses it
* Financial
* Companies that it is very important mail is not lost

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