What are Your Categories and Alternate categories?
Jimmy Brake Apr 10, 2007

Most content producers need to be able to organize their content in two ways, the short-term is putting the article into an alternate category that is about a specific topic rather than the long-term categorization that typically is more generic. Readers also play a key role in how data gets organized since some readers will be looking for articles on a specific topic while other readers are looking at a general topic for something to read. An example of this usage is the iraq war, this conflict has been a major topic for several years and will most likely remain a major topic for several more years however one day all those articles that are now grouped by Iraq war and displayed prominently on your websites front page in the Iraq War category will not always be on your frontpage. One day that conflict will be pushed off the front page of your website by some other major topic. The archives will live in and be more accessible from the world politics category, the Iraq War alternate category will continue to exist but be pushed deeper and deeper into your site (and be less accessible).  The 2008 US Presidential Election is another good example of important articles that need to be grouped by the specific topic on your frontpage but will eventually be moved off your frontpage. Our present clients are starting to use an alt category for this topic but most have not as of yet put it on their frontpage. At somepoint you as the editor will make the decision to put the category on your front page (probably booting something else off).

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