Inline User-Account Registration
Sep 22, 2010

DW Event offers both user-account and inline registration options to our clients.


User account registrations require attendees to create their own personal or company profiles, including contact and other relevant data, in order to register, make purchases, and participate in other modules of the DW Event Virtual Office.


This is useful if you are interested in building a contact database and client history for your events. Users can log into their accounts, update their information, participate in directories, make additional purchases from our online store, upload articles, and more.


Inline registration is a simpler process that is targeted at organizations or companies who don't anticipate repeat attendees for their events. Rather than capturing data about attendees, it simply allows them to process an online payment and make their event attendance/programming selections.


If you work with a consistent audience and/or place value in having repeat communications with your attendees, we recommend you use our traditional user account registrations. However the inline registration feature is a useful alternative for events that are "1-shot deals."


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