Events Overview Report - A report specifically for companies that many events per year.
Jimmy Brake Oct 31, 2006

Often managers/administrators and key employees/consultants need to see how well all the present events and some past events are going this tool allows an administrator to see just that. With a single click quickly get the numbers and the graphs to about your present events. To make research more fluid links to the event manager, event reports and the customer facing event site are located beside each events paid and comped registrants. One of our goals for this report was to not clutter it with to much information but rather to simplify what can often be a dizzing amount of information.


If you need to use this report create a link to /crm2/event_overview_report.html in your event reports, or make it an option in your action menu. If you would like for us to do it for you please send an email to

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