How long does it take to use our template system.
Jimmy Brake Aug 07, 2007

It typically takes about 15 minutes to train a designer to use the template system. If the site is going to be a secure site(HTTPS) then you add a little more time to the process because the images and other srced files will need to be hosted on our servers so as to avoid end users browsers from showing the site as insecure and or giving error messages to the client. If you are using our shopping cart/event manager or another of the modules that has forms your client may want you to replace the submit buttons with images or rework the default forms to a different layout(this can add a little more time).

The typical integration method is a designer will create the site design on their computer and upload a temporary test site so the client can approve the layout. Once that is done we will do a 'rough' brand where we get your new design onto the system and working then you would help the client to tweak the pages to their liking.

The clients admin interface allows them to do the day to day administration of the site such as adding new content, support end users etc.

We have had sites that took less than an hour for the client to be happy and others that were significantly more. We do not know exactly the longest amount of time since the designers work indepently of us and only contact us when they need assistance.

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