Email Marketing and Online Registration
Mar 01, 2010

We all know that offering online registration for your event is a great way to get more attendees to confirm, quicker. Logging on a website and simply paying with your credit card is often much easier than filling out paper forms, faxing them to a number that doesn't always work, or having to send them through snail mail. With online registration you can offer attendees the opportunity to confirm and pay for their attendance at your event in minutes. The DW Event Manager offers online registration both through our Online Event Management system and our Micro Event Manager, but one of the other great reasons to use us is our state-of-the-art email marketing tool, which integrates seamlessly with our online registration tool.


Email broadcasting, also called viral or e-marketing, is one of the cheapest and easiest way to promote a product, service, or event. All you need is a trusty list of contacts, a well-developed pitch, and the ability to send through a secure, spam-protected server. To promote events email marketing is an ideal tool because you can link directly to your online registration and information website from within the email itself, cutting out more intermediate (and costly) steps like mass mailing or telephone calls.


With the DW Event Manager you can enter your data for online registration and then upload a list of contacts from your computer or email database, or select an existing email list from within the CRM database that functions as the "nerve center" of our online application suite. Using our content editor, you can create eye-catching html-formatted emails including photos, fonts, video and links, to promote your upcoming event.


Once you've created your email, you can schedule it for sending in advance as many times as you wish, with different dates, titles, and content as you see fit. And you're done!


After the email has been sent, you can check our statistics to track how many people from your list opened the email, how many clicked through the links you provided, how many unsubscribed from that particular list, and--if you're using our full DW Event Manager--you can even track online registration sales back to specific emails to measure how effective your viral marketing has been.


With the DW Event Manager, or even the Micro Event Manager, you have the tools for not only creating a smooth, flexible, and highly tailored online registration experience but also for a powerful and integrated email marketing campaign.



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