A Closer Look at Our Support
Apr 07, 2010

DW Alliance has been around for 11 years and built a solid portfolio of long-term clients thanks in large part to our philosophy of building relationships and solid client support in addition to our online products and  services. This human dimension to working with us is one of our most valuable "intangible" assets and something that differentiates us from many technology companies today.


We thought we'd share a bit about our support processes: something that tends to be undervalued or outsourced in the high tech sector, yet one of the most important aspects of doing satisfactory business in an industry where human relationships usually take a backseat to programming and development.


Troubleshooting Support

Clients of DW Alliance know that they can depend on us for fast, honest backup when problems arrive, and that's why 70% of our emails are thank you messages for resolving issues effectively. Usually people call or email us with a request, which we respond to immediately and begin to research. 90% of the time we are able to resolve these issues within 4 hours of contact, and if it takes longer we specifically explain why.

Special Requests Support

Often our clients will also request customization support in order to tailor an application or feature of ours more specifically to their needs. If a client submits what we call a code request—usually a feature adjustment or enhancement—we can usually add it within a day or work it into our programming schedule for the upcoming month, depending on the complexity of it.


Many of the features that we're most proud of are born in this manner: a client makes a special request and in resolving this request we end up creating an entirely new feature to add to our existing application suite. For example, in DW Event's online registration and event management suite, the multiple registrations function is a feature that was recently added thanks to a client's need to simplify the registration process for multiple events in a single procedure.


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