Unfinished or Dropped Registrations: Automatic Notifications
Apr 25, 2010

Dropped registrations are a pesky but persistent reason why people "drop off" the online registration process.

A typical use case scenario is that someone will receive an event invitation and begin their registration process. They may, however, get distracted partway through; lose their internet connection; or have problems processing their credit card. Rather than getting "lost", their registration information will be saved and within 24 hours the system will send out an automatic email reminder with the following type of message (which can also be customized):



Dear ______,


You have one more step to go before completing your registration for [event name] to be held on [event date] at [event location]. You can complete your registration for this event by following the link below. https://register.isurge.com/event/form.php?event_id=24647dd521caa6f6970a06f8da578bbf If you do not plan on going to the event you can ignore this email, we will not send another email in relation to this attempted registration from yesterday.

Your Company Name Here




To enable or disable the feature:

  1. login to the CRM
  2. select manage from the event menu
  3. select the event
  4. select cofigure fromt the + menu
  5. select Configure Registration Form Options
  6. check or uncheck the Automated Reminder option
  7. submit the form

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