The One Two Three of Event Management
Jimmy Brake Sep 25, 2006

Event Planning Tip 


Planning and executing a large event is tough, even people known to be extremely competent still have a hard time getting everything to work right everytime.


Our most experienced planners use numbers with the their sessions, dinners, receptions, basically anything that has a start time has a number. The reason is that it is quicker to say #14 than it is to say recepton in the Presidential Hall. Customers may or may not pick up on it but for the ones that do saying I want #2, #7, #19, #55 that customer has just saved you and themselves a great deal time. Working with fellow event coordinators and meeting planners, vendors etc can compound the benefit. Saving a little time here and a little time there will help to make the unexpected a little less exciting since you will have more time and a clearer mind to deal with it. So the next time you are going to write up the next brochure(both online and offline) and the next planning meeting takes place please don't forget your numbers.


If you are DW Alliance client just use the 'Easy Id' option when creating your event. 

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