Subscription Management Simplified
May 10, 2010

The DW Alliance Virtual Office Subscription Manager makes handling large numbers of subscribers a breeze. Some of the different types of subscriptions that you can organize in our system include:


  • Online subscriptions (including access to restricted content for websites that have a mix of free and paid-for content)
  • Publication subscriptions
  • Memberships to associations and other fee renewals
  • Directory listings


In all of these cases you have a product or service that must be subscribed to, or paid for on a regular basis (monthly, bi-annually, annually, etc.) But instead of handling this renewal manually, with your payment processing staff or financial software, you can simply automate the process.


These are the steps:


  1. Define your product and price within the DW Alliance store's product manager
  2. Create a record for each client or company in your CRM (part of our Virtual Office Suite)
  3. Create an order in the client's record, defining the duration of the subscription, including start and end-dates and discounts, if any
  4. When you want to process the subscription payments, you can do so in any of the following ways:
  • Pulling up a list of all subscribers to date and sending them an automatic email reminder or invoice, including how to renew their subscription online, if applicable
  • Creating a printable list of mailing labels to send hard-copy invoices
  1. For hard-copy products such as periodicals, you can create the printable mailing lables for sending out their subscriptions


Some of the avantages of managing your subscriptions in this way:


Clients can purchase and manage their own subscriptions by logging into the client area of their account

All subscriptions can be managed online, from any Internet connection in the world (the information is housed virtually, so you're not dependent on files in a specific computer)

You can easily pull up lists of subscribers based on product listing and/or date range

Lists are quickly exported into Excel, PDF and other printable formats that you can modify

Quickly upload licensing agreements that will be included in the subscription setup

You can sell subscriptions in an online store, and include special promotional codes or discounts as desired

You can offer free trials for date ranges that you decide, before generating invoices

Reminders, invoices, expiration notices and other communciations can be automated and calendared by the DW Alliance Virtual Office system.

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