Advanced Registration Options
Oct 27, 2010

Advanced Registration Options

While online event registration is relatively easy to obtain in the software market today, DW Event's list of registration features offers a flexibility that contains a broad range of possible scenarios—from group registrations to multiple event registrations to back-end staff registrations—to ensure that no one will be left out and that your staff will be saved important time and financial resources with the high degree of automation. These registration features include:

  • Unlimited registration types
  • Automatic cutoff dates for specific registration types
  • Automate early-bird prices and dates so that your website updates automatically when cutoff dates are over
  • Maximum and Minimum ticket quantities
  • Group registration that enables one individual can pay for an entire group, yet allowing each individual to login and process their personal programming and ticket preferences after the purchase date
  • Multiple/package event registrations that give registrants a discounted price for more than one event
  • Automatic wait-listing and wait-list notifications when slots open up
  • Inline vs. account-based registration to differentiate between events that require user-based account login
  • Option to make registration types visible in different portions of the event website (such as landing page, registration form, customer receipt and confirmation page)
  • Linking registration types to specific internal billing departments or accounts
  • Automatically set Education Credits for different registration types
  • Full ability for staff to process telephone, mail or faxed registrations on the back-end

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