How to Capitalize on your Event's Luncheon Programming
Mar 19, 2010

Luncheon programs are often underutilized in event programs because they are usually offered as a single general session for all attendees. However breaking up lunches or other meals into more than one option is one way to give exposure to sponsors and exhibitors, greater variety to attendees, and an additional profit-maker for your event.


Add variety to your programming

Instead of (or in addition to) a general session luncheon as the sole option for attendees, you can offer a selection of smaller lunch programs in separate rooms. This can serve as a way to incorporate additional session/presentation topics into your program and give attendees the option to opt-out of expensive ticketed lunches. These additional luncheon sessions can be brown-bag, paid, or sponsored.


Offer more exposure to sponsors and exhibitors

Your event supporters are looking for more ways to gain exposure for their products, services or ideas. A luncheon presentation hosted by a sponsor or exhibitor is one more way to attract a captive audience in a setting that can be as formal or casual as they wish. For many attendees, attending a lunch that's paid for by a host presenter will be an attractive alternative to a paid-for ticketed event, and this will in turn draw more listeners to the sponsored presentation.


Take advantage of your venue

These luncheon alternatives are a way of making full use of your event venue. Due to their varying sizes they might be held in session rooms or other more unusual spaces such as atriums, patios or cafés as a way of breaking up the standard "general session paid speaker luncheon" format and utilizing areas that lend themselves to social gatherings.

Plan ahead with the right online registration system

Confirming registrants for these different lunches ahead of time will facilitate work for your staff and give your sponsors and venue the information they need to be prepared in advance. Having a solid event management system that enables you to offer multiple luncheon sessions in an online registration website is key, and DW Event offers these functions with its flexible ticketed registration options. These include:


  • Create as many special luncheon sessions as you need
  • Set automatic cut-off limits and wait-list notices
  • Offer advance seating and room arrangement options
  • Include relevant sponsor or host information in the online registration process such as links to external sites, presenter bios, and additional downloadable materials such as PDFs or PowerPoint presentations
  • Secure and flexible payment processing with credit cards, checks, money orders, or PayPal
  • Offer sponsors the option to directly upload their speakers or presentation information


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