Configure Event Confirmation Emails
Oct 10, 2011

You can configure the per event confirmation email or the default system email.


1. login to the CRM
2. select events
3. select manage events
4. select the event you want to manage
5. select communication from the +options menu
6. use the form to update the confirmation email

Please do not alter the words in all caps like FIRST_NAME. These special words are used by the system to personalize each email.


How to test your event confirmation email.


To configure the default system email for events use the system email tool.


1. login to the CRM

2. select admin

3. select configuration

4. select system emails in the store area

5. select 'Email sent to a customer after a successful event purchase.'

6. use the form to change the default events email

NOTE: the change will only effect NEWLY CREATED events



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