Send targeted emails through the CRM
Nov 07, 2002

How to create an email blast
1. Go to 2.>
Type in your email address and password
4. Click submit
5. Click on Send Email Blast link (second row) --* note: for better usability, we can disable and hide all the other links on this page
6. Click on this link: 'Click Here to create a New Email List or Manage an existing list below:'
7. Type in the name of the list. This will take you to the main page where you will be creating the eblast

One this page you can:
upload an email list
add individual email addresses to the list
remove email addresses from the list
specify which links you want to track for click-throughs
schedule your email blast
specify the return address add the text of the message (text/html)

After you click 'done'. You will be able to edit the email up to the time the email is scheduled to be sent. To edit, click on the 'edit' link on the next page.

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