The importance of a good CRM database behind your event
Mar 05, 2010

If your work deals with large numbers of people, you need a solid contact database to organize, track, and communicate effectively with them. Event planning is one of the industries where having a sophisticated and flexible contact database that can handle the broad range of transactions that any given person might require is key.


DW Event's built-in CRM contact database makes handling individual attendee registrations, email communication, ticket and merchandise sales, credit card and other payment processing, and association or membership management fees simple and automated.


In our CRM you can create multiple categories to "tag" contacts for easy search and data export later on. Create these categories yourself, based on your event management, demographic data, or membership status. Create recurring charges (such as association membership fees or subscription to your newlsetter or website) that will be automatically deducted from their credit card. Schedule email communications of all types, as far in advance as necessary. Allow attendees to review and process their online registrations, extra tickets, and event merchandise via their password-protected user account. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Most event planning software on the market doesn't have the flexibility that we offer because it's not being constantly built and updated based on the changing needs of the industry. With DW Event your contacts are well organized and integrated to a degree that no other online software provider can offer.


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