How to increase visibility and SEO for your event on the Web
Mar 04, 2010

Most event management and online registration systems are just that and nothing more. Some include email broadcasting tools to help promote your event. But only DW Event gives you a fully-developed online publishing suite as part of the package.


By publishing articles and uploading informational material (such as PDFs and PowerPoint Presentations) relevant to your event, you can accomplish two important tasks:


1) Provide your registered or potential attendees with suppplementary, background or other relevant materials before your event so that they can be better informed and prepared when they arrive. For example, you may want to include white papers or background material on certain session topics, especially as a favor to speakers and sponsors of those sessions.


You can also make these materials available on a restricted access, purchase or password-protected basis to people who have already registered or attended your event, and use them to supplement presentations or offer added-value information to paid attendees.


2) Publish interesting, timely, or relevant articles linked to your event, and even increase your event website's visibility on the Internet. Our publisher tool gives you the possibility of using a state-of-the-art system that's as easy as a blog to upload, link, or republish articles about topics of interest to your audience.


Our system is indexed daily and enables you to schedule articles in advance, thereby increasing your website's traffic and serving as an additional channel for promotion and marketing. For example, if you're hosting an event on Vegetarian Cuisine, you can publish articles about health, recipes, and other industry trends that will be discussed at your event. If you organize your articles, link to other industry sites, and make sure to upload new content as regularly as possible, you can raise your website's SEO and bring more people to your event.


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