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Jimmy Brake Jun 11, 2008

This article is organized by reporting tool and the reports that tool creates.


Reports General

General Usage: Summarizes the number of page views per module for the time period selected clicking on a module link will give further detail. The most commonly used module is the publisher. When you click the publisher link it summarizes the number of views for each of the pages in the publisher / content management system / CMS. To see further detail the click one of the page details. The most commonly clicked links are the category and articles. This two links give excently detail into what your end users are viewing.


Download Authorization: Provides a link to facilitate easy export of the data. Lists all the products and the number of times authorization for download was given during the selected period. Lists all all clients and the product they were authorized to download.


Domain Status: This tool queries the DNS servers of all the email domains created in the time period selected and checks to see if they have correct mx records.


Call Log: This list the call logs created during the time period selected.


New/Updated Contact: This report lists all the contact profiles that have been updated or created by end users or CRM users.


New/Updated Store Contact: This report lists all the contact profiles that have been updated or created by end users.


New/Updated Companies: This report lists all the company profiles that have been updated or created by end users or CRM users.


Expired CC(Month Only): Will list all the credit cards that will expire in the next month, only applies to clients that use the automated billing system.


Employee Permissions: List all the access rights for each CRM User(typically an employee of your company).


Email Renewal Notifications: List all the email renewals that will be or were sent out during the selected period. Only applies to clients using subscription/membership products.


Reports Financial

Daily Total: The total paid amount per day for the dates selected.


All Transactions: List all orders regardless of status created during the selected dates.


Paid Transactions: List all orders paid during the selected dates.


Cashier Report: List total number of orders by the employees that completed the orders.


Partial Payment Detail: List all the payments recieved during the selected time period.


Pending Transactions: List all the orders that were created but not yet paid during the selected time period.


Package Pending Transactions: List package pending orders that have not yet been paid. These orders are only usable by the clients using the automated re-occuring billing system.


Voided Transactions: Transactions that were created during the selected time period but then marked VOID.


Refund Transactions: Transactions refunded during the selected time period.


Monthly Product Breakdown: List quantities of all the products purchased for the months selected.


Monthly Total: Total paid for the months selected.


Hourly Total: Total paid per hour for the dates selected, summaries for monring and afternoon sales also includes a daily average. This report is most useful for High Volume sales.


Daily Product Breakdown: List all the products purchased summarized by day and quantity. Mostly used to track effectiveness of email/banner marketing campaigns.


Purchase Orders/Outstandind Dept: List all clients that have partially paid orders.


Taxable Regions: List all the Canadian tax regions and the amount that should be remitted to each region.


Affiliate Paid: The amount of paid orders that are linked to an affiliate website.


Affiliate Pending: The amount of pending orders that are linked to an affiliate website.


Banner Report


Lists each banner in rotation during the selected period. For each banner it shows the number of views per day and gives a summary of views and clicks for each banner.


Get Subscriber


General Usage - Select the product or products(use the cntrl button) then select view, download or export to email blaster and the check or uncheck remove renewed.


All valid memberships/subscriptions for the selected period: Typically used by periodicals to send out their media.


Everyone who paid or was comped during the selected period: Typically used to track growth of subscriptions/memberships.


Everyone with a membership or subscription that will lapse during the selected period: Often used to send please renew type messages.


Demographics/Advanced Search


Creates list of contacts/companies that have the selected categories, products or by zipcode. The lists can then be used to coordinate contact with the clients. The list of categories tells the number of profiles that have the option selected.


Email Blaster


There is a report at the bottom of the Email Blaster manager page that shows the email blasts the date created and the date sent and the number sent. There is another report available per email blast that shows number sent, number opened and the number of click throughs, bounces and unsubscribes. All of the summaries have links to download detailed lists of email addresses. These addresses can then be reimported into the system to do subsequent more targetted email blasts, except the unsubscribes and bounces.



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