Online Document and Correspondence Archiving.
May 23, 2008

Proper document management is crucial for the success of any law firm, but it is also time, space, and energy-consuming. DW Alliance's web-based archiving allows you to:

  • Store 10,000+ documents to our secure servers and then view or download them when you need to.
  • Archive your correspondence automatically. Keeping track of client correspondence is critical for proper case management. DW Alliance's hosted and web-based email services enable you to keep an accurate and searchable history of all your email exchanges with specific individuals or companies.
  • Track your call logs. Our system also allows you to maintain a history of all phone calls with clients.

An online client database tailored to your needs.
Our Contact Relationship Manager or CRM uses cutting-edge technology to put the most powerful contact database at your fingertips:

  • Enter 1,000+ individual and company contacts, and create your own tags to categorize them. Whether it's case histories or demographics, geographic location or event define the data you want to capture.
  • Using your category tags, you can create targeted lists for mailing, electronic marketing, or business records.
  • The CRM interfaces cleanly with all of our other web-based tools, allowing you to integrate your contact database with our automatic billing, event planning, e-commerce, electronic marketing, and online publishing tools, among others.

Marketing and Communications.
Our experienced staff can help your firm strengthen its public image and presence with:

  • Integrated web design. The websites we create for our clients interface cleanly with our other tools, enabling you to manage your intranet and extranet with ease.
  • E-marketing. Our CRM's e-mail newsletter tool allows you to send professional, automated, html-formatted newsletters and bulk emails to targeted lists from your contact database.
  • Online publishing. Today in order to build traffic to a website, offering relevant articles, information and activity updates is key to cultivating an audience. Our online publishing suite, including automated subscription management, enables your staff to post and edit content in minutes.
  • Event management. Events are valuable ways to maintain client networks and build practices. Our event planning modules enable you to manage and automate all the invitations, confirmations, and registrations for your event.

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