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Jimmy Brake Apr 19, 2007

We have been working on the idea for a long time and evaluated quite a few different AJAX solutions. We eventualy settled on prototype for its ease of use and accessibility. Today was our first real day of trying to use prototype and its AJAX functions.


For non-techies AJAX is basically an acronym that describes a way for your web-browser to update part of page instead of the whole page. Said another way typically your IE or Firefox has to get a whole new page even when the change between the page it had and the page it will get is very small. This AJAX technology allows the for just part of the page to changed. For the techies out there, we have been avoiding AJAX till enough of our clients had the proper browsers to support the technology.


The dashboard is coming along pretty well it is simple but functional and we are adding many reports to it and status type 'widgets' to it. Everything from who is logged on to the most recent purchases. This dashboard gives a good oppurtunity to show case the breadth of our technology. We had contemplated  creating a dashboard many times before but erred against it because it would have been very big and very tedious to configure properly. This technology allows us to use our standard templating technology, which you as the client can update at will. I 

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