How do you find your memberships or subscriptions that are about to lapse.
Jun 14, 2007

A common task for associations, and periodicals with paid or free subscriptions is to see when they should be sending renewal noticies or sending out discounts for lapsed subscribers/members to get them back on board.


To find your members/subscribers that will lapse next month:

1. Login to the CRM
2. Select get subscribers(it could be renamed something else) from the action menu
3. Select the product from the 'Select the item or items' box

  • you can select multiple items by using your control and shift and clicking with your mouse

4. Select the dates: Select the start date and the end date for the desired date range
5. Select 'view the list'.
6. Select  'Everyone with a membership or subscription that will lapse during the selected period.'
7. Unselect 'remove renewed'
8. click submit. In the viewing window spot check the results.
9. If the results are correct, select 'download the list' or 'export to email blaster'
10. click submit

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