Event Registration Website Creation Wizard
Dec 07, 2010

The event registration website creation wizard streamlines the process of setting up your new event registration website.


The wizard helps you get your customized event website, automated emails, multi-site support and billing information properly configured in about 5 minutes.


Customized Event Website:

  • upload your logo
  • select your sites palette of colors
  • configure the link back to your primary website

Multiple Event Registration Website Support

  • you can use your DW Alliance account information to create multiple event registration websites for each of your clients, this gives professional event planners a unique site branded by you for each of your clients

Billing Information:

  • automatically links your companies CRM record to the automatically generated PDF receipts  and invoices

Automated Emails:

  • configures all the system emails to have your from name and from email address as well as configure the alert/triggered emails for things such as completed online event registrations



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