New Speaker Management Options: 2
Nov 26, 2010

Once logged in to their user accounts, in addition to viewing registrants for classes, speakers can also upload materials that will become available on the event website.


Materials can be PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations or images and photos that might contribute to the event or session's content. In general this feature is used by speakers who want to make materials available to their audiences prior to the actual event date, but it can also be opened to any registered user with an account on the DW Event system.


One use case scenario would be a class or session with an educational background. Just as a university class presentation might have required reading in advance, an educational session for a topical association might offer required or optional reading in advance so that listeners are well prepared for the presentation. Rather than obtaining a list of all registered attendees through the event manager, the speaker can simply view people who are currently registered and email a notice saying that the materials are available for downloading from the event website.


This function can be used either for the entire event or for individual classes or sessions.



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