Server Side Email Filters
Jimmy Brake May 08, 2007

There are many reasons why you would want your email pre-sorted. You may want to have email from a particular person or about a subject or from a particular domain go to a special folder. Another good reason is for 'false positives' emails that get mis-labeled as spam.  The list of reasons can go on and on. Fortunately setting up filters is often quick and easy.

  1. login to your webmail  account
  2. select filters from the menu
  3. enter a name and description for your filter
  4. update the options for filter that create the rule
  5. check the box to put in folder
  6. select the folder
  7. check the box to stop filtering
  8. click create/update filter

Since this is a server side filtering system make sure you use IMAP with Thunderbird or Outlook as your access protocol so that you are able to view all your folders that might be getting email.



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