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Jimmy Brake Mar 29, 2007

Recently we had an oppurtunity to present our technology to a friend and ex-colleagues new company. Often our presentations go well and our next steps are clear. This presentation went really poorly.

The presentation was intended to go over how to integrate our applications but what happened was we were suddenly showing the why to integrate. We were not prepared for that truthfully not really all that prepared for the integrating presentation. My ex-colleague and his co-worker were fully onboard and understood the why of what our systems could do for this business problem they had. The problem they had was that they had no easy implementation methods for small or medium sized clients. My friends company is big and all their present clients are big. They had no end user administration areas and or automated billing systems that were easily turned on. Each of their big clients had a customized implementation of their software. In hindsite a couple of diagrams would have sufficed to show the how of integration. The why of integration was it is cheaper and faster for us to integrate our existing apps rather than they build or buy and integrate someone elses apps.



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