Clone Individual Event Items From One Event to Another
Oct 14, 2010

For event planners who create multiple events with similar formats, an event cloning tool is essential. However, you may not want to clone an entire event, but rather individual event items such as tickets, luncheons, or sales. This new function allows you to selectively copy event items, with all of their associated information, from one event to another, and save large amounts of time re-entering information manually.


You may also want to create an event that is a composite of elements from more than one other event. Instead of having to choose between which event to copy over in its entirety, you can pick and choose the elements from each event that you would like to include in your new event.


How it works:

  1. First select the event that you would like to copy items from in the Event Manager.
  2. Under "Configuration" select the "clone items" function under "Additional Options"
  3. You will see a page like the one below, which displays a list of all the event items available to be copied. Select the ones that you would like to copy over.
  4. It is important to adjust the dates and times for these items, unless both events are taking place simultaneously. You can also update the dates and times, event categories, and other details after copying the items.
  5. You will also see a drop-down menu of all the other events in your system. Remember that you need to create the event for items to be copied to before using this function. Select this event.
  6. Click submit.

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