Integration and Cloud Computing in Event Management (I)
Mar 24, 2010

Purchasing software is becoming obsolete as businesses shift to the cloud computing paradigm, in which software is subscribed to as a service distributed through central, Internet-based "clouds" rather than purchased in individual hard-copy packages.


Since our inception, DW Alliance has always been an online software and business solutions company that offers our applications via the Internet, constantly upgrading a suite of tools that clients pay for on a use-case basis.


The key measurement of whether your business will be able to evolve with today's technology is integration. Rather than treating applications as separate entities that must be cobbled together to produce a result (such as planning an event), ask yourself how to ensure that your applications—especially your financial, accounting and payment processing processes—to work together simultaneously.


DW Event offers all of our event management and registration features as part of an integrated suite of online tools that don't require any messy downloading or upgrading. Our event management and registration applications are already integrated with our other business solutions, including a CRM, online publishing and website management suite, email broadcasting and viral marketing tools, e-commerce, and more. As a client, you have access to the entire system, but simply choose what you need and pay only for those tools or services that you use.


However we also put a premium on making our software easily integrated with existing online applications, which is why users of and Sugar CRMs, and Netsuite's financial and accounting tools, can incorporate DW Event seamlessly into their business apps. Our system also integrates with and Paypal for payment processing and we are constantly adding new interfaces so that our clients can participate in the expanding world of cloud computing and online software services.


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