The Beauty of Quick Count Reporting
Oct 28, 2010

The DW Event Quick Count Report page synthesizes some of the most fundamental data you'll want to take a "quick" look at when assessing the progress or success of your event.



What does it consist of?


1) A breakdown of the quantity of registrations by ticket type, including pending and comped registrations

2) A breakdown of all processed registrations by number of people, as well as the number of tickets remaining for each type

3) A breakdown of all course selections by registrants, showing which sessions or classes have been chosen and how many people have registered for them

4) When the event is over, a breakdown of attendance by ticket type and classes, for easy comparison between registrations and actual attendance

5) Which staff members processed registrations, and how many

6) Quick links for PDF rosters by ticket type and class

7) Quick links for editing the number of tickets left per registration type or class, should you want to increase or decrease the quantity available based on registration patterns

8) The ability to view all of this data by date range


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