DW Event's Wizard Simplifies Event Setup
Nov 14, 2010

To accomodate different use case scenarios, including the setup of relatively simple events. The new DW Event Wizard walks you through the creation of your event, including the different areas such as programming and registration, so that you don't have to think about advanced features unless you need them.


While DW Event was developed to make online event management possible even for the most complex and complete events, we understand that sometimes you only need the basic components. The new Wizard is a step-by-step program that hand-holds you while you create your event, and hides all the advanced features that you might not need.


Once you login you will be prompted by enter in your event's basic information, and set up tickets one by one, as well as sessions or classes, followed by additional sales items and automatic or promotional emails. The interface is simple and streamlined visually and the fields that you are prompted to fill in are only the most essential that a basic event will require.


Once finished, you will have the option to view your event as well as continue to manage it with more advanced features in the complete DW Event Manager.



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